Property Spotlight – The Pond

The koi pond and waterfall at Northbrook,  which is surrounded by mature trees and gardens, makes a beautiful backdrop for wedding ceremonies, receptions and events.  The idea for the pond came about when Laurie and Chris first moved to the property in 2008 but didn’t take shape until 2011. The area where it is located was always damp but it was overgrown with trees and weeds.  The idea was that this unused part of the property would make a wonderful spot for a natural pond where it could be enjoyed both by the family and their guests.  Trees were cleared and a machine was brought in to dig the pond.  

At 12 feet deep the water feature was designed to be an all year home to koi fish as well as frogs in the summer months. The depth also allows Chris and Laurie to use the pond to water keep the grass green and the gardens lush. throughout the property.  A shallow ledge surrounds the pond as a safety feature and also so maintenance can be completed on the pond.


When thinking about the filtration system, a natural  looking option that would compliment the surrounding grounds was top of mind. A bog filter was ultimately decided on which contains a pea gravel base with a variety of pond plants growing in it. Water which travels from the pond to the bottom of the bog in pipes and percolates up through the gravel base where the plants remove the nutrients and cleaned water flows back down the waterfall to the koi pond. The end result was an effective and most importantly, beautiful option that has been a wonderful contribution to the local ecosystem.

The pond has been a wonderful addition to our wedding venue Some of our pond plants are Yellow and Blue Iris, Joe Pye Weed, Hostas, Astilbes, Peonies, Ligularia, Hydrangeas, Yellow Cedars, Butterfy Bush and Spireas.  Annuals are added in spots to add colour.